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College football is weird

No major American sport is capable of breaking more completely than college football. One reason is that it's been broken since day one. And that's just the way we like it.

Here’s how college football just saw an active head coach leave for another job mid-season

Hint: 2020

You can’t predict anything about 2020, but you can depend on Kansas

The Jayhawks will get some fresh air every Saturday and not much else

Aggies On Top Of Longhorns Is No Laughing Matter

This is a story about a non-story.

Memphis Ruined Your Day: 1992 Arkansas

The first in an ongoing series.

Explaining and ranking the bizarre hats that pair Northwestern with dozens of schools

A kind of hat that wouldn’t work almost anywhere in the power conferences has found a home in Evanston.

The many national titles altered by old Big Ten bowl rules

The Big Ten’s skepticism about bowl games shifted a ton of history.

2020 might’ve been college basketball’s 2007

We know the weirdest season in CFB history. How about CBB, at least if we exclude March Madness?

How to claim a national championship

Hoops is used to having a definitive champ. In 2020, it doesn’t. The college football internet can be of assistance on this.

Try to imagine CFB’s live mascots in some other sport

And grasp the unique weirdness of this particular part of college football.

Bad Idea Time: Make every college have a totally unique nickname

For one thing, there are way, way too many Eagles.

Dog mascots, reviewed

Many college football games include free dog shows. It’s time we pay more attention to those.

24 old-timey sailor animal logos, ranked

A bunch of mid-20th century logos are extremely similar, but we can find key differences.

1,875 college nicknames, mapped and charted

Everything to know at the big-picture levels about American college sports’ 91 Eagles, 75 Hawks, 63 Cougars, 63 Tigers, and so on.

Elite punters rank objects by how far they could punt them

The NFL’s budding punters debate the puntability of a wide array of items.

Long snappers rank 14 household objects by long-snappability

Let’s dive into the data.

Let’s embrace the oddity of Colorado’s coaching hire

Hey, it might work fine, and if not, we get to bring some nostalgia into the modern college football internet.

6 ways to make the NFL’s stupid Wonderlic thing actually good

Let’s not only test intelligence in better ways, let’s get some good TV out of it.

The 136 most XFL team names in football history

Let’s find the most Xtreme teams in all of American and Canadian pro and college football.

College football scheduling has always been this dumb

Rivals ducking each other because of fear, greed, accusations, bad manners, and inequity? Yep, we’ve been yelling at each other about this for well over a century.

All the ways Ole Miss’ fake pee changed the world (updated)

On Thanksgiving 2019, a Mississippi man pretended to pee like a dog. Then nothing was the same.

203 bowl game sponsors, graded by Coach Dunkability

Here’s a list of almost every major FBS bowl game ever, categorized by the only factor that currently matters.

A Universal Basic Income for student-athletes: the OBJ UBI

Let’s simply compensate all college football players by having Odell Beckham Jr. disperse funds on camera at the end of each team’s season.

Every time, LSU and New Orleans title games are inseparable

And the voodoo trend all the way back to the 1930s, kind of.

Which of LSU’s reactions to this insane Trump quote are you?

Tag a friend.

THE definitive national champ for each season, 1869-2019

Or the closest thing to it, based on historical consensus. We’ll also do a final count at the end.

Almost every national champ has a bad game along the way

And yeah, a Power 5 champ can likely make the Playoff despite a terrible loss.

84 plays that defined 2010s college football

Let a list of very good (and very not good) plays tell you the story of CFB’s decade.

A short history of bowl relocation

Bowl are like people: sometimes they need to move to a new town and change their name!

2019 bowl season’s 50 finest moments, ranked by The Top Whatever

Each week or so, The Top Whatever ranks all the college football things that must be ranked. This edition ranks the entire 2019 season’s postseason.

Who bowl sponsors think I am

A day in the life of the perfect bowl advertising target

The weird Granddaddy: How the Rose set six strange standards

Why are bowl games called "bowl games?" The answer to that and several other questions go back to the Rose Bowl.

Replacing the worst BIG BOWL teams of the BCS/NY6 era

Antiquated rules have meant some forgettable teams ascending to the biggest bowls.