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College football is weird

No major American sport is capable of breaking more completely than college football. One reason is that it's been broken since day one. And that's just the way we like it.


Your periodic journey through the most infuriated sectors of the college football internet visits an old friend.

The first Rose Bowl was one of the worst games ever

Fittingly for this sport, the 1902 Rose Bowl was ugly as hell, made a lot of money, and spawned a tradition that lasted generations.

Key Acquisition: A camp chair

How you can change your life for the better in simple multiples of eight dollars.

156 rivalry trophies, ranked by a merchant in a role-playing game

We love all these objects. But what if we had to depend on them in order to defeat a horde of level 50 mutant capybaras?

Every year, Ohio State is the Playoff’s biggest controversy: 2014-2019

Season after season, the Buckeyes end up right in the middle of the CFP debate.

Explaining Malzahn’s deviously simple trick that ruined Saban’s day

Now we wait for Saban to try this against somebody else.

Bama’s missed kicks have seldom actually mattered

It almost never matters ... except when it really does.

178 of CFB’s amazing rivalry nicknames, sort of ranked

Soooo many bizarre Battles, Brawls, Wars, and Cups, all with local bragging rights on the line.

The 7 greatest SEC-SoCon Challenge games ever

The SEC likes to give itself automatic wins in mid-November. Well, they’re not exactly automatic.

Bad Idea Time: How to fix football’s dumbest rule

Football’s most bizarre rule awards end zone sideline fumbles to the defense. Let’s simply make that rule consistent with the rest of the field.

College football’s many GAMES OF THE CENTURY, somewhat ranked

Every few years, we get a game of the century. Let’s codify that a little bit and see which GAMES OF THE CENTURY are truly OF THE CENTURY.

Rutgers invented basically nothing about college football

After the first football game, "The Birthplace" had little to do with the sport’s evolution. And was that first game even football?

Bad Idea Time: Let every conference share Rutgers

The Scarlet Knights provide one of the most valuable services in all of college football.

The hide-and-seek trick play explains a lot about college football

Coaches pushing the limits of trick plays to get an edge? Yes. Players making thrilling plays? Yes. The suits bumbling around to adapt rules on the fly? Absolutely.

The case for UCLA-Wazzu as CFB’s greatest comeback ever

Go beyond just total deficit and look at other factors as well.

Pitt’s history as the Death Star of silly football upsets

When the Panthers beat a top-20 team, they somehow always do so without themselves looking like a top-20 team.

19 CFB superpowers who are owned by smaller teams

In this sport, the big guys almost always beat the little guys. Almost.

Quite possibly the greatest flea flicker ever

Not only might this be the most audacious successful attempt ever, it also helped decide a wild rivalry game.

10 teams who should pick rivalry fights with bigger powers

Here are college football teams who should follow the example set by Colorado-Nebraska and UConn-UCF.

Every Kansas football win since 2008, ranked

The Jayhawks have been in the wilderness for a while, but there have been bright spots — occasionally.

The anatomical case that Michael Dyer *wasn’t* down

The internet has long debated whether parts of the Auburn hero touched the ground. They didn’t, according to body part experts.

Every Week 0 game since 1883, ranked

Over the decades, the season’s intro non-week has varied in importance and quality, to say the least.

The 63 greatest bowl game names of all time

A list filled with such beautiful poetry, the Poulan Weed Eater Independence Bowl isn’t #1 any more.

How to overreact to Week 1 college football

It’s time to spend 60 minutes throwing out the previous nine months.

This century’s 11 most overreacted-to Week 1 games, ranked

These games show you form opinions at your own risk.

When a forgotten WAC game delivered the wildest points explosion ever

It’s an accomplishment that’s so weird, the NCAA made up a "record" just for it.

The 19 teams with all-time winning records vs. Bama

Nick Saban has got to do something about all of this.

Brady’s the king of clutch and luck. His alma mater’s the opposite

In crucial moments, the Michigan Wolverines have been everything Brady isn’t.

Your step-by-step guide to the college football offseason

Here’s your itinerary for the confusing span of time between the title game and the next season.

Bevo vs. Uga: Meet the photographer caught in middle of rampage

This photographer was just trying to do his job. Now he’s got a story to tell for the rest of his life.

Exploring the weirdest bowl game sponsor of all time

An industrial park named after elk put its slogan on a game in the Caribbean. Standard college football behavior.

Mountain West, please move your title game to midnight ET

For whatever reason, the Mountain West Championship no longer gets to shut down college football’s final full Saturday.